Lazy Loading Images

Lazy loading improves your site's speed as it allows you to load the images only if the user scrolled to the image's view.

This is a simple function to implement Lazy loading in your website. (Supports IE 9+) To use it, you will need to add image's URL into data-src attribute. The image should have the class lazy to be loaded lazily.

!(function() {
    function inViewport(el) {
        var rect = el.getBoundingClientRect();
        return (
   >= 0 &&
            rect.left >= 0 &&
   <= (window.innerHeight || document.documentElement.clientHeight)
    var images = []"img.lazy"));
    function handleScroll() {
        for (var i = 0, len = images.length; i < len; i++) {
            if (inViewport(images[i]))
    function loadImage(i) {
        var el = images[i],
            src = el.getAttribute("data-src");
        if (!src)
        var image = new Image();
        image.src = src;
        image.onload = function() {
            if (!! el.parent)
                el.parent.replaceChild(img, el)
                el.src = src;
        images.splice(i, 1);
    window.addEventListener("scroll", handleScroll);

Copy & paste this code at the bottom of your webpage. If you need a minified version here it is.

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Written By
Supun Kavinda
Written On
Apr 17, 2019
Last Updated On
Apr 17, 2019
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